12 Tips That Will Save Your Life in a Critical Situation

To start a fire quickly, put branches or coals into an empty egg carton. 0:45
Use a T-shirt to filter water. 1:44
Light up a wax crayon. 2:26
To get warm, put grass and branches under your clothes. 2:54
Mosquitos, flies, and other insects don’t like the smell of burning herbs. 3:29
Use toothpaste to get rid of the itch from insect bites. 3:59
If you get scratched, put ChapStick on it. 4:39
Use a tampon to stop bleeding. 5:09
A condom is a great reservoir for pure water. 5:31
Scrape off a little bit of plastic from a pick, and light it to start a fire quickly. 6:04
To make a compass, put a leaf on water, and put a needle on the leaf. 6:36
How to tell a deadly snake from a safe one. 7:16

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