13 Survival Hacks That Never Work in Real Life

Blockbuster heroes manage to survive in any situation. Here are the 13 most common on-screen survival tips that don’t work in real life. More than that, they can do you a lot of harm!

We all want to be like superherous, and we believe using their survival lessons could help us, too. Don’t try to reproduce them on your own — the characters only stayed alive thanks to the director’s imagination.

Wearing cotton clothes 0:55
Throwing away your phone if it doesn’t pick up a signal 1:40
Getting down on the ground during a thunderstorm 2:35
Jumping from a speeding car 3:38
Finding directions using moss on trees 4:24
Eating snow to quench the thirst 5:19
Outrunning a wild animal 6:19
Raw meat can treat a black eye 8:05
Starting a fire in a cave 8:45
You can’t let someone with a head injury fall asleep 9:19
If you are lost, you should get moving immediately 9:56
You can outrun a tornado 10:31
Warning signs are negligible 11:16

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